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Pass-A-Grille Beach is one Florida’s best kept secrets. It sits at the southernmost tip of St. Petersburg Beach. As soon as you walk onto the beach you know that you are in paradise.

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You’ll find that Pass-A-Grille Beach is very much still a quaint little piece of America. You will not find any high rise buildings on the beach and this area still remains untouched.

During your visit you’ll be able to shop at the local shops along the beach. Additionally, artists are conveniently located next to the beach on both Friday and Sundays from 9 AM till 3 PM. The Paradise Grille is located close to the beach and offers casual dining. For more visitor information:

Currently there is a $250 permit fee ($125 for residents) to use this location. Our Wedding planners will contact you if this price should change following your booking.

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